A House in the District

A place steeped in the past that is very much of the moment. Here, directly adjacent to landmarked remnants of the Berlin Wall, we are creating contemporary residences by a park which used to be no-man’s land—compelling, green, innovative, urban nature.

Cork insulation

Cork is good for more than just plugging wine bottles. A 100% natural material, cork is won from the bark of the cork oak. The trees are not damaged at harvest; within ten to twelve years a new layer of cork grows that can be utilized again.

Cork has a number of surprising properties: it protects trees from forest fires, acts as insulation, and absorbs loud noises. It can be ground without additives and pressure-heated to form blocks that can be cut to make furniture, accessories, or architectural elements.


We utilize the insulating properties and natural aesthetics of pressure-heated cork waste generated in the production of bottle stoppers to clad the façades of Caro + Louis.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding windows with bronze fittings

At home

breathe easy

Enjoy the sun and quiet on your balcony, adjacent to Nordbahnhof Park. Or, maybe you fancy a jog through the park instead. Whatever your inclination, here you can take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.